With a turnover of 344 billion EUR and around 250,000 sector-related companies, healthcare is one of the largest industries in Germany. This sector employs approximately 5.2 million people.

Time and time again, rising healthcare costs force the industry to introduce fundamental, even politically-driven reforms, which it continues to master with the aid of economic flexibility. Nevertheless this always poses major challenges for each individual.

The industry is currently characterised by enormous cost pressures and increasing quality standards, as well as growing uncertainty due to the legal development of framework conditions. As a result, a company must reorganise itself and its processes, and pursue stronger partnerships.

Thanks to our years of experience with freelancers, we can provide tax advice for acquiring and/or resigning a practice.

And of course we are more than happy to handle on-going accounts and payroll accounting, as well as prepare your cash income statement with the associated tax declarations, in addition to a personal income tax declaration.