On 1 January 2012 Ihle & DanRevision Mittelholstein Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG led by Andreas Paasch acquired the tax consultancy firm established by Mr Axel Ihle in Neumünster in 1983. Mr Ihle still works for the firm in a consultancy capacity as a salaried tax consultant.

After completing his business studies Mr Paasch worked for auditors KPMG in Hamburg until 2010 when he qualified as a tax consultant after successfully passing the Hamburg Chamber of Tax Consultants exam. He has worked for DanRevision Group since October 2010 and assumed the role of managing director for Neumünster in January 2012.

Together with his team of tax specialists, in Neumünster Mr Paasch looks after approximately 290 clients of different sectors, sizes and legal forms. In addition to conventional tax consultancy tasks such as finance and payroll accounting, as well as the preparation of annual accounts and tax declarations (business and private), the firm specialises in taxation of property assets, company succession and restructuring, as well as digitalisation and online trading. Mr Paasch also works as an executor and private asset manager (family office).

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