When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills. (Chinese proverb).

We are in the era of Industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution or digital revolution began at the start of this century and is characterised by increasing digitalisation and information networking.

A representative study conducted by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research indicates that digitalisation could save the German economy up to €2 billion in materials procurement. Many products are now manufactured by request only and according to actual needs. Digital networking enables the coordination of machinery, saves times and resources, and allows economically viable production based on individual requirements, even in small batches.

Enormous savings potential may still be lying dormant in traditional manufacturing companies. Digitalisation is even taking hold in agriculture (keyword Farming 4.0).

Even legislators are following this trend. Since 2005 it has only been possible to submit VAT and income tax declarations electronically. Since then many modules have been added under the keyword “E-Government”.

The networked information however is also pushing up requirements in the financial and business planning of your company. We provide support during the transition process of the business administration. Taking into account the GOBD, together we organise the electronic invoicing and digitalisation of receipts, and create the statutory procedural documentation. Working in cooperation with our IT partner, we also establish a document management system on your behalf. Of course we also handle your online accounting and can therefore always provide you with meaningful analyses in a timely manner. Thus you receive reliable figures and the necessary planning security.