Company succession and restructuring

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman of the next generation. (William Gladstone)

No phase in the life of a company is as complex and emotional as company succession. The process is one of the most pre-eminent tasks in your entrepreneurial life. You find yourself confronted with an issue that will only have an impact “after your time”. Nevertheless it pays to take steps in advance and to recognise key challenges, because succession affects all areas of the business (customers, employees and business partners); legal and fiscal aspects must be observed.

Together we plan your company succession focussing both on the future and considering your individual circumstances. We point out your individual design leeway in the complex legal situation of accession and inheritance law.

Our interdisciplinary consultation starts with a search for successors, both within and outside the family. We establish the value of your company and organise the transfer to the successors in terms of capital gains and accession tax. We also handle your private asset planning and can then supervise asset management up to execution of the will, if requested to do so.

Through sound succession planning, we safeguard your personal aims as regards your own retirement and also guarantee the continuance of your business.

In addition to company succession there are various business activities that may necessitate company restructuring. For example, if a new shareholder is to be incorporated, or various branches of the business are to be amalgamated or separated, or an effective limitation of liability is to be established. Such undertakings entail changes in legal form by way of amalgamation, division or contribution, or other company and tax modifications.

In this complex area of law, where there is no coherence between company and tax law, we work with you to analyse the current status at each stage in the life cycle of your company. Thus in accordance with the provisions of income and reorganisation tax law, we guard against the risks of accidentally triggering tax liabilities that can accrue in your company through the taxation of hidden reserves.