Money alone can’t buy happiness. There’s also property and land. (based loosely on Danny Kay)

Property such as houses, freehold apartments or commercial properties usually play a key role in personal asset portfolios. Construction, valuation, purchase, finance, management, sale - owners are confronted with a variety of tasks during the life cycle of the property.

The purchase or construction of a property places a huge strain on one’s liquidity. That’s why it’s all the more important to minimise financial burdens through efficient tax planning and to hedge the viability of such an investment.

In legal terms, property refers to developed or undeveloped land, the mere ownership of which incurs land tax. Events such as purchase, sale and letting trigger other types of taxation.

There is no separate property tax law therefore knowledge of various types of tax is required for a tax-optimised company structure. This applies to both financing and management, as well as the transfer of property to the next generation.

We offer you, the property owner, tax and business advice. If you are planning to buy a property, we will advise you prior to purchase. As the contract is drawn up by the notary, we look at the optimum purchase price allocation in order to reduce the land transfer tax.

Insofar as your property shall be used as a rental property, by providing advice at an early stage we aim to generate the greatest possible yield by exploiting the fiscal room for manoeuvre. We establish the depreciation potential, working in cooperation with appointed building surveyors, where necessary. If requested we can then take over the management and structuring of your property assets. In this respect we also prepare all necessary tax returns and settle incidental expenses with your tenants on your behalf.

An early succession plan is also sensible when it comes to property assets. Based on your family relationships and personal wishes, we make tax arrangements for the transfer of assets to the next generation and thus minimise the inheritance and accession tax burden.