Cross-border consultancy

Everyone sees the limits of their vision as the boundaries of the world. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Globalisation is the topic on everyone’s lips. It seems the world is becoming smaller and faster due, not only, to the internet and accompanying online trading. As a medium-sized enterprise you cannot and should not shy away from this issue.

Global networking brings both risk and opportunity. We have years of experience in cross-border consultation and can advise you on expansion into international markets or establishing your company in Germany. As part of the tax-optimised organisation of your enterprise, we ensure that risks remain manageable and transparent, while your company remains competitive in the long-term by capturing new markets at home and abroad.

DanRevision Group employs native speakers from different language and cultural regions. Thus we combine intensive knowledge of various cultures and markets. On the basis of intercultural relationships, we are in the position to analyse your target market and support your market launch.

We can provide an overview of the types of tax and assist you with submission requirements in Germany e.g. tax returns, VAT, income tax, social security. Our main locations are Germany/Denmark and/or Scandinavia, German/China and Germany/Japan.