Start-up consultation

Distance is immaterial. Only the first step is difficult. (Marie Anne, Marquise du Deffand)

A good business idea is the basis for your entrepreneurial success. The dream of running your own business, professional independence is achievable in our economy. As a tradesperson or freelancer you have the chance of an independent economic livelihood but must equally bear the risk of holding your ground in a free market. Another challenge is keeping abreast of the various restrictions of fiscal, economic and social-policy legislation.

Therefore reliable, individual start-up advice is essential in the founding phase. This advice should be given by a consultant qualified in business and tax, and with whose help you can make the right decisions from the offset.

Therefore we discuss your start-up and together we define your business and tax consultation needs. By doing so we save you making typical rookie mistakes.

We advise start-ups in all aspects concerning the implementation of your enterprise. In a free initial consultation we discuss (at length) the demands of starting a business, examine the feasibility and sustainability of your enterprise, and assess the current situation of the relevant market segment, as well as the anticipated market development in the planned location.

We also help you select the optimum legal form, as aspects of tax and liability play a major role. Furthermore, we establish your current financial status and your financing requirements, and help you select the right financing mix of overdraft, operating loan or investment. We also check your eligibility to claim government subsidies.

Together we prepare the start-up and business plan required for financing, attend bank meetings with you and compare the range of loans available. The final phase of our start-up consultation ends with the actual launch of your company. We help you take the first step towards independence, provide tax advice from job-order costing to invoicing, prepare your tax declarations to financial authorities, and assist with all tax returns and submissions to the authorities and government institutions.

Of course our intensive consultation services extend beyond the start-up and development phase: we offer long-term tax and business advice and handle your financial and payroll accounting, thus establishing a long-term and sustainable basis for your company. This leaves you free to concentrate on operational activities.