Mission statement of DanRevision Group

People play the biggest role in our life and therefore take centre stage in our professional life too.

We advise and support our clients in all aspects of tax, and always in their respective mother tongue. We don’t use technical jargon, but rather see ourselves as “translators” of complex fields of expertise for our clients. Preferably we communicate in examples and images. We find a solution for every challenge.

We are particularly service-focussed and take care of every client with extraordinary dedication. In the service industry we strive to be among the best in Germany and to set ourselves apart from the competition. Our approach “we help you” is the very foundation of every client relationship.

Our first consultation is always free of charge but never for nothing, as we hope that everyone can benefit from an initial discussion with us.

It goes without saying that top quality is a key concern of ours. This includes professional quality and the quality of our services, transparency in fees and expedient handling of instructions and enquiries.

Honest and fair conduct constitutes the basis of all our business transactions.

Our mutual success depends on people. So we look for people with a “twinkle in their eye”, with extra-special CVs and experience. We want to have fun at work. As the Scandinavians say, you can’t achieve great things without taking a little pleasure in what you do.